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My Ghosts

London, near Liverpool Street station – September 2005

This one was inspired by Leigh from Sights by Elizabeth and her ghosts shots. If you don’t know her photoblog go take a look, it really is worth it.

Leigh will be cycling across Cambodia next year to “raise awareness and help disabled adults and children achieve equality”. She needs sponsors; donate if you think her cause is worthy.

The guy in the middle of the picture is Dave from Chromasia; I’m not sure but the two guys on the far right might be Andrew from Futura Photography and Geoff from geoffbennett; the other ones are too blurry for me to distinguish them. Anyway, hi guys! It was great to meet you.

This photo was published on October 5, 2005 with the following tags: Canon EF 17-40, Canon EOS 350D, EuroPhotobloggers 2005, People.


geoffbennett on October 5, 2005 ()

wow - that’s a great shot. yeah, leigh is cycling across Cambodia and today she has a bicycle shot! i’ve sponsored her and recommend anyone else that has visited her site to do so also, no matter how little. it all goes for a good cause. oh yeah, that’s me far right. great shot Andréas! keep up the good work!!

Leigh on October 7, 2005 ()

Hi Andreas :-)

This is such a great shot and I hope you enjoy the long exposure adventure as much as I have!

Thanks so much for mentioning me! :-)

ChrisK on October 11, 2005 ()

hah - far right is definitely Andy (Futura) and far left looks like it might have been me judging by the angle at which the camera is being held :|